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Pivot Legal Demonstration by Ken Joseph

This week, Peter Wrinch at Pivot Legal published a post titled 'NationBuilder changed everything' on the Strategic Pivot blog. I'd like to share his story with you.

A couple of years ago, Peter was looking for a technology solution to connect his supporter database with his email list. He scoped out a solution from SalesForce that was prohibitively expensive. When he first signed up for NationBuilder, he thought it was the answer to this one problem and didn't realize how much it would help his nonprofit's entire operations.

Peter highlighted three areas that changed dramatically:

1. Getting to know his supporters

NationBuilder provides a one-stop solution for website, email, social media, and donations. NationBuilder does not connect your website and database – it is your website and database...

All of this together has provided a much fuller picture of the Pivot audience allowing us to judge the effectiveness of our communications and fundraising and rework them when necessary. 

2. Built to be social and data driven

NationBuilder was built out of political and advocacy campaigns and as a result has connecting with people at its core. It has many intuitive features that record and track connecting with people in your Nation.

3. People power out of the box

One of the biggest differences NationBuilder has made to our work is the automated volunteer signup...

It is an affordable one stop solution that has helped us make deeper connections with our supporters, build our base, and work smarter. NationBuilder is helping us get better at using the law to change the world.

Read more about Peter's experience on the Strategic Pivot blog.  

I've helped answer technical questions from customers and it's exciting to see how the features of NationBuilder help organizations stay focused on the people connected to their mission. Has your nation helped you streamline your workflow? Is it easier to stay focused on human interactions? Let us know in the comments section.

Photo Credit: "Demonstration," by Ken Joseph 2003 from the Pivot Legal Hope in Shadows calendar project  

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