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NationBuilder Platform launch

NationBuilder was always meant to be a platform – something other developers could build apps on like Facebook, Windows or the iPhone. For the past few years, we have been working to make this a reality.

Today, with the official release of our API, we are incredibly proud to announce an unprecedented offering – a nonpartisan, open platform with free access to the nationwide voter file.

Thank you to all the amazing developers who are already investing in the NationBuilder Platform. These are all working implementations that anyone can start using right away:

  • ActionSprout: Convert social actions on Facebook into email list opt-ins
  • Amicus: Match your nation's supporters to the social graph and use call tools and peer-to-peer postcards to build your movement
  • CallFire: Texting and voice blast campaigns
  • CanvassNow: Map your voter data and log contacts on your mobile device
  • Relay: Tap into an engaged online community for new donors, advocates and volunteers
  • ControlShift: Member-led petition campaigns
  • CrowdHall: Spark conversation and participation with moderated Q&As
  • Distrify: Turn a movie preview into a point of sale, with customer data synced to your nation
  • Mobile Commons: Mobile advocacy tools, synced to your nation
  • One Click Politics: Email advocacy tools targeted at Congress
  • Organizer: Mobile canvassing app that requires no data entry and syncs in real-time with your nation
  • Theme Sync for Mac: Download themes to your Mac and edit them with your favorite text editor
  • Veracity Targeter: Add turnout scoring to your voters
  • Veracity Editor: Batch update blog post tags, authors, publication dates and more
  • Veracity Importer: Import your WordPress, Drupal or Joomla blogs

If you are a developer interested in building your own app or integrating with NationBuilder, check out the API documentation, our developer forum, or contact Adriel Hampton to get started.

Together we are building an independent infrastructure for democracy. It's incredibly exciting.

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