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This is a guest post by Adriel Hampton, growth consultant for Accurate Append through his digital consulting firm, AHG and former VP of Business Development at NationBuilder.

Between 40 and 80 million eligible adults are not registered to vote, based on data from the U.S. Census and Pew Research Center.

The demographics of the U.S. are changing, but the electorate isn’t nearly as fluid. Voter registration for unmarried women, young people, African Americans and Latinos lag the rest of the population according to the Voting Participation Center. In California alone, there are nearly 7 million unregistered voting-eligible adults.

To help solve this problem, Accurate Append is expanding its data offerings with a new product, for Congressional districts or larger, that will help campaigns and nonprofits register new voters. Demo+ is about expanding the democratic process and helping organizations target potential new voters using advanced demographic models. To use it, just contact Accurate Append customer support.

Registering new voters is a great first contact for campaigns and nonprofits looking to grow their supporter base - and first-time voters are just as likely or more likely to vote than the general voting public.

Accurate Append, a phone append vendor that sources lists of hundreds of millions of consumers and their contact and demographic information, helps identify possible unregistered eligible voters using NationBuilder voter files, making it easier to organize them and follow up on registration and to get out the vote.

To identify possible unregistered voters, Demo+ customers start with a free voter file from NationBuilder. Then, provide the file and your outreach criteria to Accurate Append - they’ll create a list of the folks in your electoral district who don’t appear on the voter list, including those who’ve recently moved to your area and may not have updated their registration, and provide the best contact information for reaching those potential voters. You can also target based on specific demographics your campaign or nonprofit is trying to reach, such as age or ethnicity. 

Once you’ve got a group of likely unregistered, eligible adults, you can add them to a "register to vote" path. Assign control panel users responsibility for path completion. Possible steps include face-to-face meeting, calling, and emailing the potential voters. Path completion would occur when a person registers to vote. Path abandonment could happen when they indicate they aren't interested in your candidate / organization or if they decline to register. Keep track of which citizens register to vote and move them to a Get Out the Vote path to get them to the polls on election day.

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