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PUT request

We're making a request to an offsite domain, and when I making a PUT request to the offsite server via $.ajax, it looks as if the authenticity token is being concatenated to the end of the stringified JSON object - this obviously causes problems when our offsite server attempts to parse the JSON object, it finds a "&authenticity_token=..." which is not valid JSON.

It looks as if the check of how the authenticity token should be appended (I snooped around a bit in the minified liquid files) is a bit naive. Yes, we're sending up JSON, but best practice ( <>) is to stringify with $.ajax first. The authenticity token attachment logic incorrectly interprets the stringified JSON to be a query string.

I have solved this for the most part by preventing this event handler from firing by including the 'global:false;' option in the AJAX request. Thanks!

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