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Community is about relationships – relationships between family members, colleagues, individuals and organizations. We’ve had many requests to better represent all of this inter-connectedness within your nation, so now you can! All the details are in the Relationships HOWTO.

Also, you can now create organization profiles in the same way you create people profiles. In fact, the functionality is nearly identical. Organizations can be tagged, you can send them email, they can sign in to your public website, make endorsements, donations, etc.

My favorite part of these two new features is when they come together. If a person has a relationship to an organization (like an employee), when you log a contact, you can now simultaneously log that contact on the organization’s profile as well. I’m often having a conversation with several people, but they are all part of one organization -- being able to see all of that in one place is super helpful. I’ll be using that a lot. :)

We are always adding and tweaking things, so please let us know your feedback. If there are additional types of relationships you would like to track, that’s something we’re particularly interested in learning about.

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