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commented on How do I edit the Contribution Rules error text?
Michael, is the box at the bottom of the donation form labeled “This person meets the eligibility requirements” checked?
posted 2014-02-04 12:10:54 -0800
commented on Following blog by email
Di – since the feature you’ve asked about isn’t currently available, I’ve moved your question to our feature suggestion area so that others can comment on it.
posted 2013-12-17 11:26:58 -0800
commented on Do not require public profiles
I think there’s a different solution to this conundrum – if public profiles were turned off by default on all supporters and a supporter has to opt into public profiles (or have it turned on by a control panel user).

As an FYI, the bio that a supporter edits from her account settings page is not just listed in the public profile – it is the bio field displayed elsewhere in her profile in the control panel.
posted 2014-10-30 11:44:47 -0700
commented on flash
Aaron, it is possible to change the color of flash message boxes by editing a custom theme’s theme.scss file. Additional information is here:
posted 2014-02-07 11:16:15 -0800
commented on How do multi-day events work?
Multi-day events are created by indicating that the duration of the event is longer than 24 hours. For example, in Event settings > Basic, you can list the Length as 2 days or 48 hours. Multi-day events do not have to be ticketed events. You can list shifts lasting a single day for a week long event.
posted 2013-12-23 16:51:07 -0800
commented on Donations currently go through as "payments" not ""donations" in PayPal.
Sarah, I am sorry for the delay in response. I will connect with our engineering team and get back to you ASAP.
posted 2014-01-20 12:54:07 -0800
responded to Is it possible to create a page that is password protected? with completed
posted 2016-06-07 17:42:24 -0700
commented on Map View doesn't work without a complete address
Andrew – geocoding to exact address varies depending on how much information is known about your location. For example, if 123 Main St exists only once in your state, then the address “123 Main St, California” could map without needing city or zip code information.
posted 2014-09-03 14:34:23 -0700
commented on Incoming Spam
Julian, in response to concerns such as those you’ve expressed, our documentation now explicitly recommends using a third-party email provider. See:

NationBuilder Mailboxes was designed to integrate one-to-one email with your people database and allow supporters to respond to email blasts.

And if you’d like to switch email providers, that’s certainly possible to do. It might cause a small disruption to your email service, but you may find the longer-term benefits outweigh the short-term issues.
posted 2014-03-06 08:25:47 -0800
commented on Current users having issues when re-signing up. How can I alert people they have already signed up?
Warren, your question is an interesting update so I modified the wording slightly and placed it in the feature suggestions area, allowing others to comment on it.

An area of concern is that announcing that an email has been registered creates a security hole – allowing a person who doesn’t own the account information about the account’s interaction with your site.

If other nations are experiencing problems with the login process, please comment on this suggestion.
posted 2013-12-17 12:42:12 -0800
commented on Make a Site-Wide RSS Feed Possible
Benjamin, since the feature you asked about is not currently available, I slightly modified your question and added it to the feature suggestion area of our site so that others can comment on it.
posted 2013-12-17 12:48:15 -0800