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There was a lot of excitement when we first introduced a staged donation kit for the Aware theme and baked it into the public themes that followed. This created a more elegant experience for donors and resulted in higher donation conversions. 

However, when we launched the Bootstrap framework as an option for Architects to build custom themes, the default donation form was not staged. Well, I'm happy to announce that we've now created a staged donation conversion kit for Bootstrap!

That's not all...we also improved error validations throughout the form. Previously, a donor could proceed all the way to payment stage before data errors from previous pages would kick in, making it a frustrating experience to navigate back to the stage in question. Now errors will render on the same stage if a required field is vacant or if an email address is malformed. 

Kudos to Eric Williams from NationBuilder Design for putting this together. 

P.S. another kudos to Code Nation for their great, 1st-to-market version of the Bootstrap staged donation form

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