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Several months ago we announced to developers and app partners that we are looking for integrations with our API to offer up to the open-source community. The idea is simple. Take a barebones integration that works with the NationBuilder API but that isn’t fully fleshed out as a standalone application and let the community shape it into something useable for everyone.  

Today I’m proud to announce our first open source app from the team at Etamin Studio. Etamin Studio built an integration with the NationBuilder People API that syncs with Algolia’s search engine. Developers can set up an index in Algolia that defines search parameters and allows the creation of a search widget which can be sorted based on the people in a nation.


The script is in Ruby and has an extensive README that guides developers through the setup process. Developers must run the script in the terminal to get the data transfer working;


Once it has finished you will receive a total of how many records were imported and a success message:

Screenshot at Apr 11 11-58-07.png

When you navigate to your Algolia search dashboard you will see and be able to search by the records in your database as defined by attributes like first_name, last_name, etc.


NationBuilder does not provide support for applications built on our platform. If you have issues or problems integrating this app, please contact Etamin Studio. The code for the Algolia search open-source app is available on GitHub. As an open-source application, it is possible that the developer community will provide support on the Github page.

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