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NationBuilder has 29 pre-built page types to choose from, so you can create a website that's as functional as it is beautiful. A lot of organizations need a Donation page, a Volunteer page, and a Blog page, but I'd like to spotlight another page type that can add a crucial layer of engagement to your website—the Recruiter page. 


Creating an action-oriented website that allows supporters to participate is important, and enabling people to share those activities across social media takes online engagement one step further. However, organizations and supporters alike also want to know when they’ve been successful. This is where the Recruiting page can help.

The first thing to remember is that any supporter who joins your nation is automatically assigned a recruiter id that can be used in many places from Leaderboards to Personal Fundraising pages. I'm frequently asked, "How can I include share buttons in my email blast?" The short answer? We have a page type for that.

Let's say you have a critical petition and it needs signatures. Encourage supporters to bring their network into the fold—send an email and include a link back to your Recruiting page, which also highlights your Petition:


Users will see the featured Petition page in blue and their personalized recruiter id in red. In your settings, the promoted page can always change based on the campaign you want to emphasize (think recruiting volunteers for your Get Out The Vote effort or that end of year fundraising push, for example). So, rather than just asking to forward your organization's email to five friends, ask your most influential supporters to decide what networks to share with and let them have direct control over the message.


As I spread the word with my recruiter link, I'll continue to get credit for all of the petition signatures I gather. We know we're more likely to get signups to convert if a link is recommended by a trusted friend online. By combining this with recruiter links, a logged-in supporter also receives the immediate validation that his or her efforts are working. Your organization can search within your nation to find the most productive recruiters, and the user can continue to visit the page to see who he or she has successfully recruited to join the cause.

It's a great and simple way to combine a lot of the NationBuilder tools in one place: action, data collection, and social engagement. Try setting one up today and let us know if it helps to get the word out about your cause!

Pro Tip: Go beyond just sending an email link to your Recruiting page. You can also create a specific Recruiting page for each main action page on our site. Disable your default social media prompt on a given action page. Then, in the 'what page should they land on next' field, include the slug of the Recruiting page you created specifically for that page. This allows supporters to go beyond the standard 'Face Tweet' and instead specify what network they want to share with depending on the context.


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