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What happens when I use the credentials for my existing Stripe account to set up the integrated payment processor?

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Because processing payments through NationBuilder is powered by Stripe, you can use the same credentials for your existing Stripe account to configure your fully integrated payment processor. However, the experience is not the same as having a standard Stripe account:

1. The dashboard is different. You will have access to what Stripe refers to as their "Express" dashboard, which only includes payout information.

2. The payment data displayed in the dashboard will only include contributions going forward. In other words, any donation information you have access to in your current Stripe account will not be displayed. When someone donates through a NationBuilder page that is connected to the integrated payment processor, this is the only source of data that will appear in the payouts dashboard.

3. You can continue to access your Standard stripe account after you've configured your NationBuilder integrated payment processor. You will only be able to access the payouts dashboard for your nation directly through the control panel. Your Standard stripe account will not track any donations submitted through NationBuilder even if you're using the same login credentials for both accounts.


Complete and current information on how to use NationBuilder is available in the documentation section.

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