How is NationBuilder different from NGP VAN?

NGP VAN is available only to candidates blessed by the Democratic Party, while NationBuilder does not discriminate based on party, or any other criteria.

NGP VAN can generate district-specific campaign finance reports and integrate with official Democratic party voter file enrichment efforts. NationBuilder's voter outreach tools, however, are more up to date and user friendly. With NationBuilder, your website is integrated seamlessly with voter outreach and advocacy tools, whereas NGP VAN, will require you to build a separate site based on Drupal, silo’ing your data or leading to complex integrations between separate systems.

Because NationBuilder fully integrates your communications tools, website, voter data, and field tools in one place, you can glean more insights from your campaign, engage more people more deeply to take action and reach out to their friends, and act on the insights you gather immediately, from within the platform.

If your finance team wants NGP for compliance purposes, use NationBuilder and export your data to run quarterly reports. If you have access to the VAN through your local or state party organization, you can still use NationBuilder by importing your VAN voter file and using our action tools. We also provide a voter file free with your subscription. Check out our pricing and start a free trial here.

NOTE: Unfortunately, NGP VAN sales people regularly lie about us, saying that we will share your data with Republicans.This is not true. With NationBuilder, you own all of your own data, period. If you want to share it with another group, you have to do that yourself.

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