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Instant vs. Daily notifications

One of the things that we get from our current platform provider is a daily activity summary email. This is really useful as we can see at a glance exactly what's going on in terms of people reading emails, opting in/out of contact, signing petitions, making donations, volunteering etc. As a "management summary", the content of this email is just about perfect for keeping our finger on the pulse of what's going on. In Nationbuilder, notifications are all controlled via the Settings -> Your Account -> Email Notifications screen, but as far as I can see, there is no way to get a daily summary, all that's available are "instant" notifications when a trigger is fired on a followed object. For us, there are a number of issues with the "instant notification" model: 1) These emails contain a lot of sensitive information - Name, address, phone, email etc - and can go out to multiple people, each of whom is likely to be accessing/downloading that email on multiple devices in multiple environments. With GDPR looming in the UK, having such information mailed out in this way really isn't going to cut it (it's pretty quesitonable as its stands, TBH), so the only practical solution will be to entirely disable all such notifications site-wide. 2) Nothwithstanding point 1 above, if there is any significant volume of activity, it will create a lot of emails, each of which will have to be opened and read (or more likely, just ignored as "more noise" or "haven't got time"); 3) Most of us are volunteers, with full time jobs, so in general, "instant" email notifications of donations, petition signatures etc. offer no practical advantage to us over a daily summary mailout as we don't have a full-time office able to react; In addition, instant notifications obviously can't be sent every time someone opens or reacts to an email, and people on our team won't want to, be able to or remember to log into the control panel regularly day to check the status of email blasts, so to have a summary of current active blasts included in a daily summary email would also be extremely useful (this is something our current platform provider also does). So (from my perspective) the case for a daily summary with very limited or no *personal* information is extremely compelling. All the summary email needs to say is, for example: - X people have donated a total of £Y against campaign Z. Please Log on to your control panel and visit Finances->Transactions for more detail (assuming the user has the relevant permissions); - A people have signed the petition B (see this page) etc. etc. and include the relevant summary stats tables from all live email blasts, and several birds are killed with one stone. The one exception I could see to this is public user comments. As they are just that - public - there is less likely to be a serious data protection issue sending instant email notifications of these, and this would probably be wise as sometimes inappropriate comments need to be addressed swiftly. In a perfect world, this would be linked to "system" and "user" stop lists (which might include words that are relevant to the local party, such as names of local Councillors etc) of trigger words that could highlight in the subject line of the notification email whether the comments contained any profanities or reference to words in the user's stop list.


Really great suggestion, Crispin. Digest e-mails are quite popular and useful! We are thinking about how to get more actionable data to our control panel users, but we don't have a timeline for when something like this would be available. Any updates will be posted here. 

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