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Occasional issues with address geocoding [UK addresses with postcode]

I am seeing some inconsistencey in the way UK addresses are being geocoded. What I am observing, is as follows: If the correct, full name, with postcode, is entered, the system finds the right location; If the correct full postcode is entered, without any other address data, the system finds the right location; BUT If the outbound portion of the postcode (first 3 chars) exists but the inbound part (the rest the postcode) doesn't exist in the postcode datafile, which is common for new builds, it should also approximate the location to the centroid of the outbound portion, and *not* the middle of Scotland; AND ALSO If the correct full postcode is entered, and the first line of the address doesn't contain an *exact* match for the road name, or contains a building name as well, it seems to dump the address in the middle of Scotland, even though the postcode is correct and valid. The sort of address lines is causing this are (imaginary addresses, obviously) include: 47 The Block of Flats (with the street name in address2) The Station House 27 Station Road; 43 Buttercup Mdw (abbreviation for meadow);


Thanks for notifying us, Crispin. We don't have a timeline for when a fix for this address geocoding issue would be implemented, but we've noted it and will post any updates here. 

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