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I want to help mobilise the local communities I'm committed to make the most of CRM and social media technology and advance their causes.

I'm involved with a constituency general election campaign who've adopted NB and there are various groups and charities I hope to use this knowledge with in the future.

With Nationbuilder's powerful tools and resources to hand, I'm hoping to improve the efficiency of my own contributions to these causes and encourage others to do likewise. If we apply these new approaches to our local communities, we can make a real difference on the ground at a time of ever increasing time and resource scarcity. Enable more people to do more using this new, dynamic platform is an exciting prospect, once I've the time to get to grips with it!



Support Type: Other

Issue: Our nation was shut down early this year, unbeknown to us, following an internal UK Labour party communication failure. I contacted the party’s nb contact in July/Aug and they explained the party were not able to sell us nb accounts at the moment.

I’d be grateful if you could explain what we would need to do if we wanted to setup (or even better, resurrect) our labourclp25 nation and how much it would cost…?

Many thanks, Paul

endorsement[email]: pc—@msn.com

Nation slug: labourclp25
posted 2017-10-05 03:40:30 -0700
commented on NationBuilder CEO: "We strongly believe in making voter information more accessible to political campaigns"
I don’t know the full story but I have to say Jim, as a UK Labour nationbuilder, this seems like a very low key response to what many believe to be a major data security breach…?
posted 2016-01-12 06:51:26 -0800