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404 on assets hosted by

We're receiving reports that assets (images, files, etc...) hosted on are resulting in 404 errors. These assets are not accessible when visited, and do not resolve if shared on a website.


Update: this issue is now resolved. Your files should be accessible regardless of the route you're using `` or ``. If you're still experiencing issues, please refresh your browser cache to ensure your browser is picking up the newest version of the page. If you are still experiencing further issues, please contact

Our engineers have identified the issue and are deploying a fix. In the meantime, if you need to access your files, you can update the URLs to access them.

Simply take your original URL:

Replace the `` with `` like:

And images should resolve. If you need your images or files to resolve on your control panel, you can access the image via the, route, download the image, and reupload it to the respective part of the control panel (social share image, header, logo, etc...).


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