Blast hyperlinks altered upon sending

We received a report that blast hyperlinks were altered after sending; meaning that the links in the blast did not redirect to the links established upon initial setup.


Update 2/23/18

Upon deeper investigation, we noticed that this issue occurs due to misconfigured domains. If the domain in the broadcaster is connected to a website but is no longer connected to the website through DNS, then the blasting tool will incorrectly append a parameter to the blast hyperlinks redirecting you back to the misconfigured website. This will cause you to visit the incorrect page.

To eliminate the error, simply remove the website from Settings > Domains > Site, and the blast hyperlinks will redirect accurately to those listed in the blast.

Additionally, if you haven't already, we encourage you to consider authenticating your broadcaster to ensure successful email deliverability.

Our team is looking into this, but we don't have a timeline for completion yet.

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