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The response from Jane was helpful, but the design is, as they say, not intuitive — since the picture controls used to be in the picture format box. How about redesigning this so all picture controls are in one place and one doesn’t have to hunt for the answer?
posted 2018-02-08 21:30:13 -0800
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Same as earlier commenter — my Nationbuilder window does not offer these controls. Firefox on Mac OS 10.11.6
posted 2018-02-08 21:22:57 -0800
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Issue: Created a filter with perhaps 60 tags (like many of your customers, our tag list is a mess because of contributions from many volunteers). Cannot get the filter to paginate so I can get past the first 2 pages. Says calculating total but never resolves.

When I switch to Single-Person View, it will correctly calculate the total number of records: 528. (I cannot page through Single-Person View for my purpose.) 528 is not a huge number of person records. Just about any database, including MS Excel, can handle it.

Very unhappy with the poor performance of your query and database. What is the point of offering customer management with no method of retrieval?

Overall, not impressed with usability, features, or performance.

PS Also would like to see a way to create a mailing list on the fly from selected records in query results. Why don’t you offer it?



Nation slug: 350bayarea
posted 2017-04-19 19:25:01 -0700