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A handful of European NationBuilder customers have recently approached me to discuss how to better target their people in an advanced-privacy world.

So let's jump right in!

To maximise conversion, you'll want to make the barrier to entry as low as possible and prioritise getting supporters in the door. For instance, when first signing up new supporters, make sure to ask for their name, email address, and consent to communicate with them (e.g., to email them your weekly newsletter). Once they hit ‘submit,’ you can immediately send them to another page that asks them for more detailed consents.

You can then focus on how your supporters would like to get involved, or what issues they are most interested in:

1. If you run an animal welfare campaign, you may want to get consent to email supporters about volunteering, fundraising, relevant events, and lobbying their national representatives.

2. Alternatively, you might ask them to indicate which micro-campaigns or issues they want to hear more about.

The benefits of getting granular consent

Since they’ve just signed up, they are likely to be fired up about your cause and happy to tell you in the moment what they’re interested in hearing more about. This is a golden opportunity to find out and communicate with your supporters on their preferred topics, which will lead to more and better engagement, better delivery, and higher conversion rates in the long-term.

You are constantly competing with others for your supporters’ attention, and if you continuously communicate with them about things they don’t care about, you may lose out. So, don’t waste your supporters’ time.

Let NationBuilder Advanced Privacy tools do the work

You might already be familiar with how NationBuilder allows you to set up checkboxes that are associated with tagsin this new world of advanced privacy, I’d recommend using consent subjects and auto-tagging instead.

Though the latter method takes a little longer to set up, it gives you a full log of when people consented and to what, and it allows you to take a much more strategic approach to collecting people’s consents.

Set up your workflow in five steps

To help you set up this workflow, we have created a handy HowTo document that takes you through the process in five steps. In the HowTo guide we use consents based on ways to get involved, but you can also replace this with issues.

Good targeting makes you more successful

Getting a granular idea of what your supporters want to hear about allows you to target them based on what is most relevant to them—resulting in better email open rates, higher conversion rates, and better deliverability of your emails (as people are less likely to mark you as spam).

Line Kristensen is an Enterprise Account Manager at NationBuilder.


The information offered here and other NationBuilder GDPR and data privacy-related pages is not legal advice for you or your company to use to comply with the GDPR or other (European) data privacy laws. NationBuilder cannot offer legal counsel.

Instead, we are providing information about the steps we have taken to become GDPR compliant ourselves and the product features and services we offer (and will offer in the future) to help our customers use our products in a GDPR compliant manner. We can also help aggregate some GDPR resources (i.e. best practices, links to other resources we have found valuable, etc.) for you to consider in your own research and on your own GDPR compliance journey. Even if some of this information is legal information, it is not the same as legal advice, where an attorney applies the law to your specific facts and circumstances. Please be sure to consult and work with an attorney to ensure you are fully compliant with all of the data privacy laws that apply to you or your company (including, if applicable, GDPR).

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