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How to add a button to the body of a webpage

I would like to add a few "action" buttons to the main content area of my home page that take the user to other pages in my site. (e.g. would like to have a "Volunteer" button that takes them to the volunteer page). The buttons should have the same format as other buttons on the site. (I am using a custom theme based on the CitiZen theme with only slight modifications.) Please advise.

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Hey Annette, you can definitely create a button that hyperlinks to different parts of your site. I would recommend that you apply the HTML code below to the Template section of your homepage (for CityZen). If you want to create multiple buttons, consider duplicating this code as many times as you need to.

<a class="submit-button" href="[insert hyperlink to you page here]">[insert your button description here]</a>

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