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NationBuilder Senior Community Strategist

I got my start usingĀ NationBuilder as a customer working as a campaign field organizer in 2014. As an Organizer and now Senior Community Strategist atĀ NationBuilder, I work primarily with associations, businesses, and advocacy organizations to coach people on usingĀ NationBuilder to lead their communities and develop strategies for success.


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What is social targeting and how can your campaign benefit? -- via @NationBuilder #socialmedia #digitalstrategy
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@Asmarcd tweeted link to 16 Political Strategies for 2016.
16 Political Strategies for 2016. Learn advanced #digitalstrategy + #campaign tactics used by pros. #politics
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commented on Text messaging strategies
Happy to expand on that, David. I used signup pages in the video, and created one page for each potential answer – which corresponds with a text keyword – in the conversation tree. That way, each answer moves a person down the relevant path and tags them based on their response, since those steps and tags correspond with that particular page and the keyword attached to it.

So, for example, the first question in the video is asking the person if they want to take the survey, with the keyword responses YES/NO. I set up two signup pages, one with keyword YES and the other with keyword NO attached to them, and configured my tags, paths, and auto-responses accordingly. When the respondent says YES, they move to the appropriate step on the path, they’re tagged with the tag I set up, and they get the text auto-response asking the next question and providing the participant with the next set of keyword responses, A/B/C, which are set up on their own pages in the same way.

You could also use other page types like petition or event pages to really deeply customize your conversation, asking people if they want to sign on or RSVP and immediately having their answer and action reflected in your nation.
posted 2016-07-05 08:42:34 -0700
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How DTLA Nation built up the downtown community with smart texting using @NationBuilder
posted 2016-09-23 11:37:00 -0700
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Elevate your #leaders. Check out the definitive guide to building a successful #nonprofit via @NationBuilder
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