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I am trying to create a link to encourage supporters to create Public Profiles.

I am using this code in the supporter nav and the 2 column html 

<a href=""target="blank"><img src="icrecruit.jpg" /></a>

The image appears in the supporter nav but when I click on the link. I get the NB error message that the page is not found.

I used Lilia's suggested code <a href="">Your call to action blurb, like: Set your fundraising goal!</a>


What am I doing wrong?

Official response from

Your supporters public profiles will automatically created when they join your nation.

If you'd like to encourage folks to update their profiles — by setting a fundraising goal, for example — you can automatically include a link to the page where they can edit their profile using the Liquid variable "request.current_signup.settings_url". 


This Liquid variable will generate a different, supporter-specific URL depending on who is currently logged in. The reason why the URL you included in your question generated an error message was that it lacked the NationBuilder Signup ID for the current logged-in supporter (ex:

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