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Custom Donations is a payment processing service that allows users to create easily customizable donation forms that embed seamlessly into your website. The forms are integrated with NationBuilder's public API and donation records sync directly with your nation. 


How to start using the integration:

1. Integrate:

After signing up on Custom Donations website, navigate to 'Account' and click the NationBuilder logo. Enter your nation slug and click 'Add integration'. You will be asked to login to your nation if you're not already logged in to authenticate your account.

2. Create a form:

Navigate to 'Giving Forms' and select 'Create New Giving Form'. Enter the form options and select 'Create'. You will land back on a page showing all donation forms you have created.

3. Embed the form:

To the right of the name of the form you'll see an option to generate an embed code. Choose the generic 'website' option and copy the code that is generated.

Then navigate to your nation and to the page you want the form to be embedded on. Note that the URL has to be SSL enabled. All NationBuilder sites using a custom URL have SSL encryption so you can embed the form on any page type. Navigate to 'Template' and drop the code under Step 1 and Step 2 (above) in your page template. In this example I included both starting at line 13.

When a donor completes the action on the page their transaction will flow into the nation you authenticated in Step 1. 

To learn more about Custom Donations check out their listing in our integration directory.

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