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Equip your advocacy campaigns with data-driven insights

April 08, 2024
2 min read

Unlocking the full potential of your campaigns requires more than just casting a wide net – it demands precision, strategy, and above all, data-driven decision making. At NationBuilder, we’re obsessed with offering you more opportunities to connect with your supporters in a meaningful way and we understand the pivotal role data and metrics play in shaping successful engagement and conversions. We've been spending time optimizing our advocacy features to ensure that each touchpoint with your supporters is not just meaningful, but also meticulously tracked and utilized for maximum impact.

With these integrations, your campaigns gain unprecedented agility and insight, equipping you to tailor your strategies with precision. To make this a reality, we recognized the need for a seamless integration between ActionButton and NationBuilder.

So, we’ve been hard at work crafting new features that link your supporters’ interactions with ActionButton directly to your NationBuilder control panel. That means you can harness this wealth of data to refine your segmentation tactics, organize customer relationship management (CRM) strategies, automate email marketing campaigns, conduct insightful A/B testing, and ultimately elevate the overall customer experience with informed decisions.

Now when someone interacts with your ActionButton they can automatically:

  • Be tagged with a custom tag in your Nation
  • Be added to a NationBuilder path 
  • Be added to a NationBuilder email automation
  • Be assigned a point person in your Nation
  • Be awarded social capital in your Nation
  • Be linked to a lawmaker as a constituent of that lawmaker in your Nation

We understand this can be a lot of information to digest. That’s why Senior Onboarding Specialist, Cam Batschke, created a short video to walk you through how an organizer might use these new integrations to enhance their engagement and deepen relationships within their community of supporters.

Welcome to data-driven campaign mastery – where every interaction counts, and every campaign reaches its full potential in real-time. Here’s a closer look at a few powerful functionalities of this integration for optimizing engagement and conversions:

Amplify your insights with strategic tagging

In addition to the automatic tags appended to a person’s profile when they interact with a button, you can now add any number of custom tags, as well. This equips you to swiftly sift through your supporter database within the NationBuilder CRM. Whether your target audience is individuals who have performed specific actions or consolidating all action-takers, this feature facilitates seamless segmentation, enabling tailored outreach and more precise campaign targeting.

Guide supporters through tactical paths of engagement

Now when a person takes action on an ActionButton they can automatically be added to a NationBuilder path and a specific step on that path. This functionality not only streamlines follow-up and touchpoint processes by assigning due dates but also fosters a more immersive user engagement, guiding supporters along a journey of meaningful interaction with your organization's initiatives.

Assign point people for personalized connections

When a person interacts with one of your buttons they can automatically be assigned a point person in your control panel for optimal user engagement. This feature equips your team members with notifications, reminding them of their role in guiding supporters through their journey, ensuring every interaction is met with personalized attention and support.

Encourage participation through social capital points

When a person interacts with one of your buttons you can choose to award them social capital points. These points contribute to their overall engagement score, offering a dynamic toolset for running competitions on public or internal landing pages, fostering retention in involvement, and identifying the most dedicated supporters within your community.

Streamline your outreach with automated engagement

Our integration automatically enrolls supporters who interact with your buttons into email marketing automations, ensuring they receive a series of follow-up email campaigns without manual intervention. This streamlined engagement process is invaluable for executing thoughtful welcome campaigns and streamlining volunteer recruitment workflows, delivering timely and personalized communication to every supporter right after their interaction.

Harness the power of “Constituent of” functionality

With our NationBuilder integration, the Contact Your Lawmaker button now provides valuable insights by identifying supporters as "Constituent of [lawmaker]" within your control panel's "Relationships" category. This feature is activated when supporters input their address and confirm their lawmaker, enriching your ecosystem with crucial information for targeted outreach and deeper understanding.

And stay tuned for even more integrations on the horizon. ActionButton’s engaging interface and easy-to-use builder combined with the power of NationBuilder’s database can create some truly insightful results. We’d love to hear about your user experience about how you’re using ActionButton + NationBuilder to attract, retain, and learn from your demographic of supporters and website visitors. Feel free to drop us a line, and let us know if you’d like to be featured in a future customer highlight.

Not a NationBuilder customer yet? Join one of our global team members for a live demo this week and discover firsthand the transformative power of NationBuilder + ActionButton integrations. Your journey towards data-driven decisions begins here.


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Join our team for a live demo and discover firsthand the transformative power of NationBuilder + ActionButton integrations.


Erika Avellaneda Celis

Erika Avellaneda Celis

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