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Unable to Setup Memberships??

According to the Membership Setup video guide, when I click on "Finances", I'm supposed to see a tab called "Memberships". Sadly, no Memberships tab is visible when I click the Finances tab. The only tabs visible when I click "Finances" are "Dashboard" (under the main Dashboard tab) and "Invoices" next to it.

I eventually thought that it might not be visible because I had not yet connected my PayPal account to NB, but even after doing that, Memberships tab is nowhere to be found under any of the main dashboard tabs.

Please tell me how I can access the membership module to configure my membership plans. Thank you.

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Settings up Memberships requires enabling the Member addon for your nation. This addon is free and enables the membership page and membership values for signups. We've enabled the Member addon and you're ready to rock! 

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