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Shawn from ActionSprout
Shawn Kemp, ActionSprout co-founder

One of the fundamentals of building and nurturing the community who will help you achieve your goals is reaching people where they are already gathering. This means that to reach your full potential, your organization needs a strategy that connects social media with your website and offline events.

Of all the social media channels, Facebook's effectiveness has become increasingly difficult to predict. In the last year, their programming updates have diminished the number of fans who see a page's posts and limit your ability to connect with supporters outside of Facebook.

The Facebook app ActionSprout helps reignite and enhance an organization's direct relationship with its supporters. Rather than relying on like, share, and comment, ActionSprout allows you to connect with people around 25 unique actions - everything from demand to congratulate to pray to thank to volunteer.

The entire interaction takes place within Facebook, which significantly increases conversion rates. Once a person participates in an action, his name and email address can be synced in real time with your NationBuilder people database because ActionSprout is one of the first apps connected to NationBuilder's API.

ActionSprout demo at NationBuilder
Shawn Kemp demos ActionSprout for NationBuilder

NationBuilder organizers and engineers recently watched a demo of ActionSprout and its ability to sync with a nation's people database. Spending a lot of time engaging folks on Facebook can be a zero-sum game if all it does is increase the time they spend on Facebook. But with ActionSprout, that engagement can directly grow your nation.

Your supporters and friends of your supporters can take meaningful action on behalf of your cause from within Facebook. From signing a petition to sharing an image to thanking a leader, actions are recorded within the app and the person's name, email address, and people tags to indicate the action taken are synced with your nation's people database in real time.

Best of all, they don't have to opt-in to a Facebook app to complete the process: every call to action managed through ActionSprout can be completed by manually filling out a form, an option chosen by 40% of participants on average. ActionSprout campaigns deepen relationships with existing supporters and help you expand your reach - not just increasing pages likes, but really connecting with people around your cause and providing you with contact information to expand the relationship via email and your own website.

Honestly, we were surprised by how quickly ActionSprout was able to make this app available to nation builders.  ActionSprout Co-founder and Chief Product Officer Shawn Kemp explained, "NationBuilder created such a clean API that our developers were able to complete the project in no time flat."

You can start a 30-day, unlimited free trial of ActionSprout from their website. And be sure to check out the ActionSprout blog for tips on using the app.

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