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Build a thriving community of donors and volunteers to propel growth

We've got data all over the place. How can I get a complete picture of my supporters, donors and volunteers?

  • Importing & exporting
  • Social matching
  • Dynamic profiles

How can I keep track of all the different ways people are engaged?

  • Goals dashboard
  • Advanced targeting
  • List segmentation

How do I make each "ask" feel personal so people will take the next step?

  • Email blasting with full liquid
  • List segmentation
  • Paths

We have a big giving campaign coming up. What can I do to incentivize peer-to-peer fundraising so we reach our goals?

  • Personal fundraising pages
  • Social capital
  • Fundraiser leaderboards

How can we more effectively keep first-time donors and new members engaged?

  • Paths

We have chapters around the world. How do we keep track of what everyone is doing?

  • Multiple databases
  • Data sharing
  • Custom permission sets

Learn more about these features

Donations & recurring donations — Accept donations effortlessly, sell subscriptions or collect monthly dues with recurring monthly donations.

Action websites — Build custom mobile responsive sites to engage supporters. Use 30 different action page templates for signups, donations, petitions, and events. No coding required.

Email blasting with A/B testing — Send personalized email blasts with exceptional deliverability scores using one of our beautiful themes or create your own.

Personal fundraising pages — Engage supporters in recruitment and fundraising drives with personal fundraising goals and leaderboards to spark competition.

Social matching — Automatically link the emails in your database to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Klout profiles, and pull in social engagement activity.

Goals & paths — Set goals and track your progress around fundraising, petitions, volunteers, and more. Create custom paths to guide supporters toward those goals through a sequence of steps.

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