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So there's something you should know about me: I snap a lot of photos. Everyday, I obsessively document my surroundings, my mundane routines, my adventuring on Saturday's, my friends, and of course, lots of artwork. When I joined the Communications team at NationBuilder, I insisted we keep a visual tab on our day-to-day work life and culture of NationBuilder. So we started an Instagram. 

For those other nation builders out there that are as jazzed about visual documentation as I am, did you know that you can embed an Instagram onto your website? It's true! You can embed a feed of photos from an Instagram handle or hashtag into your nation's website. In this video, Adriel Hampton walks you through the process. 

For HD viewing, check out Embedding Instagram on our YouTube channel.

SnapWidget created a code for embedding Instagram into webpages, allowing you to choose between a slideshow, grid or map to display your Instagram photos. Check out the grid I embedded onto my nation:


After you grab the SnapWidget code, you'll need to insert the code into a page on your website. Note that code must be added to a page's template. The HTML editor only accepts basic HTML commands - so anything from CSS to JavaScript to a widget needs to be placed in a page template or custom theme.

SnapWidget code insertion NationBuilder

For example, to insert the widget in a basic page on your website, edit the template. Right after {{page.basic.content}} there are two </div> tags. Insert the code in between the </div> tags. Remember: saving and publishing template changes is not the same as publishing the page! You'll now be able to preview your page with a new nicely embedded Instagram widget. Hit publish when you're ready to see that visual gorgeousness live. 

And voilà! You've got Instagram on your website!

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