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As we reflect on 2023, it’s critical that we recognize the strength and vitality of our partner ecosystem.

Our partners are foundational to the success of our shared customers, and they have proven to be a source of collaborative innovation throughout our shared history of supporting movement building all across the globe. From strategic alliances to tech integrations, our partner programs have not only enriched our offerings but have also equipped our customer community with a wealth of resources and support. 

And in 2023, we did our very best to produce real and tangible output for the benefit of this vibrant community:

  • We launched our new Partner Portal; a new resource for partners so they can access the guidance and resources they need, and list their services to potential customers. Those resource include:
    • Revamped partner directory - offering flexibility for partners to tailor listings according to their needs.
    • Sales Enablement Resources & Marketing Materials.
    • Bespoke training programs including a new ‘Liquid in NationBuilder’ to help partners get to grip on how liquid can be used to build compelling and dynamic websites and emails.
    • Updated pages to explain all about the benefits and details of our Partner Programs and more flexible processes to achieve certification.
  • Our reseller community more than doubled to over 50 partners that have preferential commercial access to NationBuilder software. 
  • We launched, and steadily expanded a beta program for our new API that has radically enhanced the problem-solving possibilities for our developer community.  

As we look ahead to 2024, our commitment to serving our partners will continue to be unwavering. To learn more about our partner programs, visit here. On behalf of our business development team (Oliver, Brian, Sasha, Pete, and Kelly) and all of our teams here at NationBuilder, thank you to our phenomenal partners for everything you do. 

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