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Q: Any feedback you'd like to provide on the overall certification process?
A: I was surprised and a little confused about the whole process. I was directed to the NationBuilder expert certification by someone who had gone through it as well. I was told to expect it to be thorough, hands-on, and a 30-hour minimum experience. While I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was not in fact quite so long, I was nervous that – since it had not taken that long – I had done something wrong or that I hadn’t found the correct thing and that I ultimately wouldn’t achieve my certification. I did feel that it could have been a little more descriptive and instructive – at least on the front end – to help direct applicants in what to expect and how to proceed. Other than that, I felt very comfortable with the level of exploration and creativity I was given to discover what NationBuilder can do and how to utilize these tools.
posted 2016-09-07 19:50:19 -0700