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B2B Marketer, Digital Roust-about and Suburban Dad

You can find Jake Parrillo over on his blog or on his Linkedin Profile or perhaps even on Jake's link blog.

Brief backgrounder:  

Jake Parrillo is - right now, at this very moment, totally, seriously - a Senior Vice President at Edelman Public Relations.  Yep.  He's an Agency guy.  Jake and his team build campaigns for organizations that move people from 'logical interest' to 'fervent advocate'.  Prior to joining Edelman, Jake spent a bit of time growing up at Google where he looked after the Midwest on the Global Communications and Public Affairs team.  While there, he lead the Politics @ Google program and flak'd a lot of stories about Adwords.  

Jake lives with his wife and three kids in the Western Suburbs of Chicago.  He has a seriously complex relationship with pizza and yes...he drives a minivan.  Proudly.  

He's the founder of the "Can I Listen To Christmas Music?" Project and had a hand in electing Barack Obama to the US Senate as the founder of the Draft Coach Mike Ditka movement. many of you can say you got a guy into the White House?!?!