commented on How we can Add Blog Post according to Categories ?
The official response suggestion from Drew Cross does not work.

When you have multiple blogs in a hierarchy and click the “Show all blog posts on the site, not just the ones under this blog,” it actually pulls all blog posts from other pages, not just the ones from the parent blog and the sub blogs.
There should be an option instead to “Show all blog posts in this tree/parent page/sub page.”
Please give us an option that will work as this response was intended.
posted 2018-05-05 07:19:28 -0700
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posted 2018-04-24 02:36:20 -0700
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commented on Add Stripe Recurring Billing
After we had issues with (a third party was using our checkout to spam fake or stolen credit card transactions to figure out which would work) and moved to Stripe, we lost the ability to do recurring donations.

It’s a shame that Stripe has supported this feature for a while, but the Nationbuilder support for this feature using this payment processor has not followed.

Has this project really been in the works for three plus years?
posted 2017-10-11 03:59:12 -0700
commented on The field for user-submitted blog posts is using an unrendered liquid drop as the placeholder
This was working up until a few weeks ago.
The liquid placeholder used to work and would show the text from the field labeled “Prompt for public blog posting” on the blog settings.
Now it shows the liquid placeholder.
posted 2017-07-17 08:14:22 -0700
commented on Block time travellers from entering nation
We have the same issue and one other problem with the birthdate field.
This field does not discriminate against 2 digit years and also allows future dates.

If a join happens with the birthdate 08/20/50, it will show up as 08/20/0050 instead of 08/20/1950.
Also joins can enter birthdate in the future like 2048, and will show up with a negative birthdate.

The birthdate field does not validate at all. Ideally it should require a year after 1900 and before today.
posted 2017-07-10 06:04:47 -0700
commented on CAPTCHA?
The array of techniques does not seem to stop spam donations from happening.
posted 2017-06-18 04:11:42 -0700
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posted 2017-06-18 04:10:27 -0700
Support Type: Website

Issue: Donation Spammers!

We have been seeing bad actors join our nation and create accounts to spam our donation pages with bots using the donation form with stolen or bad credit card numbers:

Here is one of the users that is doing this, it is causing problems on our credit card processor side because they see a flood of bad transactions. Once I noticed a few bad donations come in, I went to their profile and banned it. Does Banning a user prevent them from making future donations? The documentation about banning is not clear.

Also, there needs to be a way to verify that people making donations on donation forms are real live people and not bots! I have submitted help requests in the past asking for the ability to add captchas or re-captchas so that we can add a level of security to these forms.



Nation slug: democratsabroad
posted 2018-03-21 06:57:42 -0700
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posted 2017-03-13 09:21:01 -0700