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Keeping in communication with your supporters

For any campaign, business, nonprofit, or creative venture it's important to keep in contact with your most vocal supporters. With mailboxes and virtual phone numbers, NationBuilder makes it easy for you by routing your calls and emails to just the right person. 

Listening is crucial. So say goodbye to noreply@ emails by setting up mailboxes in your nation. NationBuilder Mailboxes help create custom workflows with any email system. General email address like info@, jobs@, and volunteer@ can be managed by multiple staff members from within NationBuilder. In this video C.J. walks you through how to set it up mailboxes:

You can watch How to set up a NationBuilder Mailbox in HD for better quality on the NationBuilder YouTube page. 

Still want more information? Check out our step-by-step how to on setting up your NationBuilder Mailboxes.

Virtual phone numbers can be particularly useful as a way to keep your personal number private while connecting with people interested in your organization. Watch this video to see how to quickly set up your virtual number:

For better quality watch How to set up a virtual phone number in HD on the NationBuilder YouTube page. 

Read our how to guide to learn more about setting up a virtual phone number.

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