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Add VIP icon

In some nations, especially in the context of political campaigns, there are some people who need to be handled with special care. It would be great to be able to flag these individuals with a VIP status that would be visible in the icons that show up beside someone's name. For example, it could be a yellow star.

To abstract this one step further, perhaps this could be implemented as as custom tag-icon mapping, similar to how NB lets you customize contact types, methods and statuses. 

Official response from completed

Memberships features, which we have just recently expanded, support this kind of badge in addition to the current tagging feature which is visible in the administrative views. You can create custom membership levels under the finances navigation and assign badge text that is displayed similar to earned pc. These can be automatic when someone pays for a membership, or can be added in the people navigation. We will have a screencast to explain these features more fully. 

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