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Liberty Trucks Ukraine: Volunteers Saving Lives on the Frontlines

In a conflict where every second counts, Liberty Trucks Ukraine ensures that wounded citizens receive critical medical attention in the golden hour. They're not just delivering vehicles; they're delivering hope and survival to those fighting bravely for their country.

December 18, 2023
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Meet the volunteer group of everyday leaders determined to save lives on Ukraine’s frontlines: Liberty Trucks Ukraine. They're not soldiers nor a charity organization but a determined group of humans dedicated to mobilizing their resources, networks, and physical aid to support Ukraine's defenders.

It began with a simple idea: supply civilian vehicles to the frontlines. While the global aid focused on major weaponry, the team realized the urgent need for off-road vehicles, ambulances, and supplies that could swiftly reach individual units in desperate need. They bought pick-up trucks, loaded them with vital medical supplies, and drove across borders to deliver them directly to Ukraine.

Chris Poole, co-founder of Liberty Trucks Ukraine shared “since March 2022 we've been buying pickup trucks, ambulances and vans in the UK and delivering them to Ukraine for use by soldiers, medics, animal rescue teams and anyone in need.”

The team's commitment to making a tangible impact led them to deliver a Ford Ranger to a medical unit in Poros, situated just 30 kilometers from the frontline in eastern Ukraine last May.  Originally designed as a highway maintenance vehicle with tool racks in the load bay, this pickup truck became a crucial asset for medical units– stripping out the tool racks to create a space where a medic could attend to casualties. Recognizing the vehicle's potential, the team stripped out the interiors, added a winch on the front, internal lighting in the rear, and power supplies, turning it into a fully functional ambulance. This converted pickup truck now plays a crucial role in medical evacuations at the frontlines.

The impact was immediate. The trucks weren't just vehicles; they were lifelines. Soldiers used them for evacuations, supply runs, patrol, and even direct fire support. The team's efforts weren't just a gesture; they became instrumental in saving lives.

“Once we had heard messages back from the soldiers saying that the truck had saved 1, 2, 3, 4 lives, it was impossible to stop. So we kept going.”

- Zarah, Co-Founder/Driver

At the core of their mission is the dynamic force of human connection and collaboration. Every resource they encounter goes directly into purchasing trucks and supplies. Volunteers juggle their day jobs with weekend trips to transport vehicles thousands of miles, knowing their efforts make a difference where it matters most.

As of January 2024, their initiative, Liberty Trucks Ukraine, has purchased and delivered over 350 vehicles, including ambulances and specialty vehicles, to nearly 50 Ukrainian forces. They faced losses; 135 vehicles were lost to enemy fire or mines, a stark reminder of the dangers on the frontlines. But for every setback, their support grew stronger. Lives saved, Ukrainians supported—their impact was undeniable.

Despite the casualties and heartbreaking news, the feedback from the frontline only fueled their determination. As Liberty Trucks Ukraine continues their tireless work on Ukraine's frontlines, they recognize the pressing need to expand their reach and impact. With the rapid response that defines their mission and a pressing need for outside support, they are initiating online outreach through the launch of an action-oriented website powered by NationBuilder. 

This small but mighty effort equips visitors to take action—whether it's through donations, volunteering, or spreading awareness. The power of their mission can extend far beyond physical borders, rallying support from individuals and organizations worldwide. 

To sustain their impactful work, Liberty Trucks Ukraine needs ongoing support. Their website serves as a gateway for those passionate about their cause to make meaningful contributions. Every donation translates directly into purchasing more life-saving vehicles and essential supplies, ensuring that their efforts continue to make a tangible difference on the frontlines.

“None of us are from this field as most of us have a legal background. The NationBuilder team has been incredibly helpful in guiding our capabilities and provided us with the tools necessary to carry out that work.”

- Chris Co-Founder/Driver

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