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Nearly six years ago, NationBuilder published our first book: Jim Gilliam’s The Internet is My Religion. And when we announced it, we shared that we weren’t stopping with Jim’s story. 

Leadership is hard—and the stories we tell about leadership matter. Who’s telling those stories matters. And how we tell those stories matters. We launched our publishing arm, NationBuilder Books, with the intention of illuminating some of the most complex challenges facing leaders through the stories of people living those challenges daily. Leaders who were willing to be in process out loud, to share not just their wisdom, but also their humanity. 

So over the past few years, amidst all their other commitments, four of the most incredible women I know—Amy Henderson, L.B. Callair, Katharine Deshaw, and Rosa Gonzalez—have been hard at work, digging deep to bring forth stories both powerful and necessary. And today, I am thrilled to announce that all of their books will be published this year… starting with the release of Tending: Parenthood and the Future of Work, by Amy Henderson

Amy’s book is the result of years of painstaking research—and as much as it’s a story about parenthood and caregiving, it’s also a story about our collective humanity. Tending illuminates not just the future of work—but also the skills required to survive (and thrive) in the twenty-first century. Given the events of the past sixteen months, her book couldn’t be more timely. 

Pre-order the paperback, which comes out on Father’s Day, June 20th, and you’ll get a free copy of the e-book immediately. Please also consider joining us for a very special book launch event with Amy and Hannah-Beth Jackson this Wednesday at 9:30am PT. 

Finally, if you run an organization, we’d love to have you join NationBuilder in signing the Tending to Care pledge. Part of the challenge in supporting caregivers in the workplace is the lack of available data, and this pledge by employers to track caregiving status of employees (and how it impacts hiring, promotion, compensation, and retention) is designed to address this!

We can’t wait for you to read Tending—and the rest of the incredible books we’ll be publishing this year. As Jim said when we announced The Internet is My Religion: our hope is that our books aren’t just great stories, but are a really good excuse to get together and build community. 

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