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New Feature: Deliver better emails with multiple source automations

Enroll supporters from multiple pages and search results into a single, running automation

November 21, 2022
3 min read

Create meaningful supporter journeys, and use them over and over with new audiences

We’ve leveled up automations by adding multi sources—a new feature designed to help you create email automations and use them over and over with the audiences that matter most to you. 

Now, you can include new sources in your email automations to power up the number of people you can communicate with. Audience sources include: 

  • Filter results - run a filter and add that batch of people to an automation
  • Website pages - enroll people as they engage with your pages, including newly published pages
  • ActionButton - enroll people who take actions on "Contact your representative" or "Signup" buttons

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Get Inspired

There are so many ways that you can start to use this feature today, think new members joining your nonprofit, encouraging first time donors to give again or supporters that have only taken one action. Here are some ideas to get you thinking of ways you can use multi sourced automations today:

Membership Organizations

Jake is running a membership organization and runs an automation that sends 2 welcome emails over a one-week period to every new member that joins. He choses two sources to make sure that none of his members slip through the cracks. 


  • A signup page on his website that collects new member contact information
  • A filter in his nation that identifies people who became members through direct mail outreach


Lucy is looking to increase the total number of donations for her nonprofit. She runs a thank-you automation that encourages first-time donors to give again. This automation sends 3 emails within 30 days of a donor donating for the first time. For this automation she chooses to use three sources.


Advocacy groups

Giuliana needs to recruit more people to join her advocacy program and she wants to empower her supporters to help. She runs an automation that sends a series of two emails over 5 days to supporters who have taken an action for the first time, the emails let the supporters know the impact they're having and encourage them to tell others about the campaign using recruiter links. 


  • All of the petition pages on her website 
  • People that have contacted their elected official on the contact your representative ActionButton 
  • A filter result for people that haven't opened her last two newsletter emails

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Erika Avellaneda Celis

Erika Avellaneda Celis

Erika Avellaneda Celis is NationBuilder Senior Engagement Manager

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