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Just Released: iOS SDK

Here at NationBuilder, we strive to provide quality tools for the mobile developers using our API. With that, we are proud to announce our new iOS SDK, making it easier for you to get started using NationBuilder in your app. It features:

  • A full user experience for authenticating, authorizing with, and persisting multiple nations and users
  • An intuitive interface for using our API that allows you to write less code
  • An architecture that allows you to only use what you need
  • A sample app showing you how to fully use the SDK

To learn more, continue to the overview. You can find detailed documentation here. As always we welcome contributions on Github. 

Stay tuned, this is just the start! We will continue to work on improving the SDK's coverage of the API, as well as work towards releasing an Android SDK.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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