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Nikki Batchelor, Nonprofit Organizer

As a Nonprofit Organizer I help organizations explore new ways of engaging their communities to build deep, sustained relationships.  

Prior to joining NationBuilder, I served as an advisor to USAID’s Office of Science and Technology where I helped build campaigns to source innovations around global problems like health, education, governance, and clean energy. Before that I managed large scale grant programs in Iraq and Afghanistan aiming to strengthen local government capacity and community stability.  While working in development I was inspired by the power of small business to create self empowerment and help bring people out of poverty, so I went back to school to pursue my MBA from George Washington University.  I love looking at how sectors can work together to enact wide scale social change, and experimenting with new ways to build strong communities.

If you're interested in chatting, give me a shout at [email protected]!


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