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You may have seen President Obama's job speech last night, well... we're job creators too!

As our customer base grows, we’re finding ourselves making frequent referrals to consultants for design, implementation, strategy, training and other custom work. And we’ve rolled out a new feature that allows designers to share and update custom themes for clients from their free NationBuilder sandbox nations. Theme sharing is also great for parent organizations or political parties that want to offer a custom design for chapters, regional groups and candidates.

Already, a number of great consultancies have begun offering NationBuilder services:

  • Richir Outreach - Customization, implementation, training and more for progressive organizations
  • rVictory - Solutions for conservative advocacy groups, including custom outreach strategies using NationBuilder’s voter file, turf cutter and other political tools
  • Liberal Art - High-end design for Democratic campaigns and larger progressive non-profits
  • Tim Wayne - NationBuilder Consultant ★ Political Campaigns ★ Non-Profit & Advocacy Orgs
  • Jason Lalor - Custom design and conversion services, based in New York
  • WranglerMedia - Site conversion and SEO specialists, serving campaigns, non-profits and businesses of all sizes
  • CivicNEXT - Social web solutions for non-profit and political organizations, from site design to strategy and implementation
  • Veracity Media - NationBuilder custom organizing, communications, and fundraising strategies, deployment and support
Why are we sharing this? We want you.

NationBuilder is non-partisan technology, like WordPress or Drupal, except it is built around organizing people, not just content. Our company takes no consulting fees, and almost all of our custom design requests go to our ecosystem of designers and consultants - with zero referral fees.

Consultants say they like working with NationBuilder because they can quickly launch sites with sophisticated functionality in a matter of days or hours. What used to take months now takes days, and what took weeks takes hours.

What do folks need help with? It varies widely. Some customers want to spend a few hundred dollars to give their sites just a little more oomph before a quick campaign launch. Other organizations are looking at NationBuilder but have complex RFP processes and specifications that require support from larger consultancies. Custom SEO work, voter list management, email programs, site conversions and social media help are also in demand. We are eager to support customers and referrals at all price points and in a wide range of niches.

What types of organizers are using NationBuilder? There's a core group of smaller political clubs and committees, advocacy non-profits representing broad coalitions (especially environmental), filmmakers organizing community, and political campaigns of all sizes, budgets and ideologies. 

We have a growing customer base in the U.S., Canada, the UK, and Australia. A few non-U.S. campaigns we think are particularly cool are the Scottish National Party, which won its biggest victory in history this spring with deft use of NationBuilder and social media; the Kenyan presidential campaign of Martha Karua; and Ken Livingstone’s bid to retake the London mayor’s office for the Labour Party.

If you’re interested in offering services to NationBuilder organizers, take a look at our expanding library of screencasts, and contact our chief organizer Adriel Hampton at the email address on the bottom of the page to discuss where you fit in our consulting ecosystem and get set up with a free sandbox account. The companies doing the most work have created great marketing sections on their own sites demonstrating their expertise in the platform, which you can see on a few of the sites above. If you’re interested in having your services showcased on the site here, just let us know.

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