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Optimize fundraising with advanced personalization using liquid

A technical deep dive on using liquid in NationBuilder emails and websites to create a thoroughly personalized and enhanced supporter experience.

Optimize fundraising with advanced personalization using liquid


Note - this guide is a continuation of the ‘Email Personalization 101: Liquid, Smart Fields and more’ guide. We’d recommend you first read that one before moving to this, more advanced guide.

Video clips from the webinar on this subject have been included below, including relevant demonstrations. The source code demonstrated can be found also (here) and via the links below and feel free to copy and paste into your own nations in order to try out the techniques and examples used. 


Fundraising is a competitive space, especially at the end of the year, specifically in December when 31% of annual giving takes place). This can lead to a lot of competition for attention with fundraising organisations sending millions of emails to their supporters and increasingly busy inboxes. 

There is some good news though, personalisation works. Personalised emails have 29% higher open rates, 202% better performing calls to actions and generate 6 times higher transactions. And not everyone does it, just 45% of emails don’t even mention the potential donor or supporter by name. Most of all - you have a really valuable tool to do it - with NationBuilder. 

In this guide, we will share tricks, tips and code that you can use to get emails opened and read, links clicked, an optimised website experience and ultimately get your all important donations processed. 

Examples in emails

Why personalise your emails 

Members vs non members (If/Else Logic) 

Source code here

Targeted Donation Ask (If/Else Logic) 

Source code here

Pre-populate custom donation ask in URL (?amount=## parameter) 

Explaining ‘For Loops and Calculations’

Donation History Receipt Example (For Loop) 

Source code here

Calculations example for Total $ donated, Total # Donated, Average $ Donated (For Loop & Calculation) 

Source code here

Calculating Custom Donation Ask based on previous donation behaviour (For Loop & Calculation) 

Source code here


Logged In Vs Logged Out Vs Sorta Logged In, explanation of different states 

Public Profile Pages: User Badges (If/Else Logic) 

Source code here

Public Profile Pages: Membership Information and prompt to renew/upgrade (If/Else Logic * For Loops) 

Source code here

Public Profile Pages: Giving History, Advocates Checklists, Suggested CTAs and Recruiter Links (IF/Else Logic & For Loops) 

Source code here


Documentation to reference 

Things to bear in mind

Other Resources: 

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