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commented on God knows why you click
I quite enjoyed the TED Talk you posted on The God Complex. I think it could also be called, Thinking You Know Everything, or simply, ‘Blinding Overconfidence’. Whatever it’s called it certainly holds true and what’s really valuable about the lesson is that it tells us that it’s less important to want to be able to ‘know’ things that are concrete and applicable, like laws of physics, but rather it’s better to simply try things many times and observe what ends up working best and move forward with that best case, regardless of preconceptions or attachments we might have. I’d really like to integrate website testing systems into my own website and those of my customers. Once I do it’d be very interesting to do these types of tests for creating a variety of conversion pages for individual products and services. And although we don’t want to let our God Complex’s block us from innovating and limiting our thinking, I believe it’s possible to create a generalized understanding of what generally works as a ‘best practice’ for specific types of website conversion and call to action points. Even though we know we need to do testing, I’m sure there are some universal or widely applicable practices that we could say are 80% of the time effective for selling a digital product, like an e-book, or for improving email signups, etc. Then at least folks have a good starting place. But obviously nothing will ever lessen the need to conduct testing to find better ways of achieving the same goal.
posted 2016-03-13 20:28:38 -0700