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Allow a signup to be assigned a status where their email is never marked "bad"

My organization has multiple VIP stakeholders who consistently have their email addresses automatically marked "bad", presumably because the NB system is getting bouncebacks from the users' email system saying no such user at that address or whatnot... But in these cases, we are certain that the emails are correct and currently in use. We, the staff members, exchange emails with those VIP stakeholders all the time. Yet these bounceback and "bad email address" errors persist. As a result, I have to go in manually on a weekly basis to my list of VIPs who serially get their emails marked as "bad" and uncheck "Bad email address" in each of those VIP signups. This has been happening for years. It would be amazing and save us significant time if I could check a box somewhere that says, override the process that marks this signup's email as bad. If any other NB customers can also comment with any other ideas you may have for how I can get around this problem I will also appreciate it!

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