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Log deletions of signups (and provide notification options for deletions)

As of now, we NB clients can look back and see *merge* events, but we cannot see any log or record of *deletion* events. We should be able to (#1) see a past log of deletion events, recording at least the NB ID of the signup deleted (so that we can investigate deletions and claw back data from old snapshots), and ideally also the name as well (as is recorded in current merge logs). And we should be able to (#2) choose, if we wish, to have one or more staffers be alerted if any signup is deleted outright. At least, we should be able to look back and see in some way who was deleted in the past. My organization has had two crises this year revolving around our members (and crucial stakeholders) being completely deleted and lost from NB seemingly at random, without anyone on our staff having deleted them. After a complex series of investigations it appears it had something to do with an app and the API, but the details of our problem don't matter for this suggestion -- however the deletions happen (even if it were to be a rogue staffer, or whatever), NB should track when signups are deleted outright so that organizations using NB can investigate. Organizations shouldn't have to worry about discovering only months later that a signup has been missing from their database for many weeks, especially when NB support apparently only keeps logs of how deletions happen for two weeks. We need a log of deletions.

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