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Log Call and Remove From List

How do I prevent this information from being deleted?  I DO NOT want my contacts to be removed from the list.  What is the point of entering the call information if it's going to be deleted?  Not to mention, going through all the trouble to create the list when information is deleted once the call is made.  

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If you'd like to log contacts with people on a given list, but would prefer not to remove those people from the lists, there are a few ways to prevent deleting your list using "Log call and remove from list" feature.

One is to first Batch Update so that each person on it is tagged with the name of the list. Now that these people are tagged, you can use the "Log call and remove from list" tool without fear that you'll be unable to find them again — because your original list lives on as a tag.

Another alternative is to open each person on the list individually and log the contact directly on their profile in the People tab, without using 'call view'.

But the most elegant option is to duplicate the list so that you have one "clean" version and one "working" version. To duplicate a list follow the following steps:

  1. When viewing the list, click the "Split" tab.

  2. In the split tab, split the list into "one lists" as pictured below. This will make an exact duplicate of your existing list.


Now, you can proceed with logging contacts in call view while maintaining a perfectly preserved version of your original list.

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