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Just to clarify – you can redirect the root domain to the www version of the site, but you cannot redirect the www version of the site to the root domain. The suggestion is to allow the root domain to be the primary, visible site. So, it’s not possible to achieve this without a change in how NationBuilder handles domains.
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Luke – if the user-generated events live in their own calendar, they can automatically receive tags relevant to being user-generated. They can then be posted on the main calendar, for example using a tagging system. The moderating user-generated content HOWTO may be useful:
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Chris and Tony – in both cases you described, we would envision a never-ending path. If there are truly no milestones for maintaining contact with existing constituents or volunteers, I would create a path with steps representing time frames – either 4 quarters per year or 12 months per year. By doing this, you can easily roll up information on how many people were contacted / how many contacts were logged each quarter (or month).

As our development of paths is continuing, your feedback is important. The reason paths are now so central is that NationBuilder is built to help lead people to action. Each path represents how individuals can help achieve your goals. A time-based path could represent maintaining relationships with existing community members if no new behavior is expected or desired.

Another example of a potentially never-ending path is for a customer. I could imagine a customer path with steps for prospect, onboarding, growing, maintaining, shrinking and another path for winning back previous customers.
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Frederick, please note that I added a feature suggestion to allow donors to update credit card information or cancel future payments themselves:

Please comment on the above page to show support for the change. We are using that area of the site to corral information on what feature changes are most important to our customers to help determine our future product roadmap.
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Wonderful piece! I think it’s worth noting that the advice is focused on campaigns for particular candidates or ballot initiatives. On the other hand, if your campaign is about increasing democracy within a democracy, contacting inactive voters and eligible citizens who aren’t registered to vote could be your primary focus.
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