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I've seen it partially asked, but never answered completely.  I want, for now, to customize my public sidebar with additional links to other pages.  I do not want the supporter nav to appear for now.....I am not ready for allowing people to sign in....but I want the same functionality as the supporter nav to put links on that sidebar.  I would also like to keep the "donation" and "volunteer" buttons that come with the supporter nav sidebar.  Can you tell me how I can do this on my public nav sidebar?  Any code examples with dummy links to dummy pages built in would be great.

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While it's not possible to have the exact same functionality for your public nav (sidebar) as you have for your supporter nav — particularly the "Include in Supporter Nav" checkbox on your page settings — you can customize your sidebar manually by editing the _columns_2.html template in most themes. 

To learn more about how to customize your theme, I would recommend reading our theme documentation. If you have specific questions (or get stuck!) feel free to email your organizer or reach out to us at [email protected]

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