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API imports result call returns an empty failure_csv field.

When importing people using the import call from the API, although the Errors CSV file is available in the people import report, and that the correct number of failure is reported in the response, the field failure_csv is returned empty (null). Here's an example of responses: {"result":{"rows_updated":0,"rows_succeeded":0,"rows_failed":9,"failure_csv":null}} {"result":{"rows_updated":2360,"rows_succeeded":2612,"rows_failed":24,"failure_csv":null}} The response match exactly the report on the control panel, except for the file which is only available on from the control panel. The following params are used for the import call: 'type' => 'people', 'file' => [base 64 encoded csv file], 'is_overwritable' => 'true' Thanks for your help.

Official response from

Unfortunately it isn't possible to access the error file via the API. I have corrected the error in our documentation that suggested this was possible.


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