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Nonprofits know the pillars of success for their organization. Yes, fundraising and a digital existence are obvious ones, but what about the more specific tasks at hand?

Often times this success is rooted in the little things - the relatively minor actions that can make a big impact. Whether it's optimizing your organizing tactics or supplying more attention to the delightful experience of your website, these tiny wins will add up. 

Here are a couple of relatively new additions to the NationBuilder ecosystem that can help you do just that:


Golden is a volunteer engagement, management, and tracking app that seamlessly ties into NationBuilder. Nonprofits use Golden to find volunteers and manage volunteer events. The app allows you to schedule shifts, run background checks, conduct volunteer reviews and comes with full reporting and analytics. This way organizers know when volunteers are most likely to follow through with their commitment.

Creative Freedom 

Creative Freedom is the one-man band of Scott Sanders, a Sydney-based designer and developer that knows NationBuilder like an old friend. In addition to his technical work, Scott also runs a nonprofit rooted in the fundamentals of inspiring social change. So, not only can Scott develop integrations on top of our API and build gorgeous sites, he can empathize with the success metrics required for a nonprofit to succeed.  

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