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retrieve information about current user on external site

Hello! Is there a mechanism for retrieving information about the current user in order to customize the experience for members who are interacting with external sites? With other CRMs we're able to identify the current user either through a cookie that is set via tracking redirect when members click links in emails sent by the CRM, or via a token included as a URL parameter appended to links in emails that are sent via the CRM. We use those tokens to retrieve information about the member when they reach our platform. It allows us to skip form completion steps by simply reusing the biographical information already stored in the CRM for that session. I think we asked NationBuilder about this feature years ago, but bumping it up in case something has been added to support this feature in the mean time. We just had another customer ask us for this in order to support one-click signing of petitions without requiring the user to provide email & name each time.


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Hi Nathan,

Unfortunately the URL parameter appended to links in an email blast can still only be decoded on a NationBuilder page. With that being said, you can certainly append the user's NationBuilder ID number or any other signup variable to the URL in a non-encoded way. For example, if your NB ID number is 29378, you could type{{ }} into a blast to send them to The you would need something on the other site to read and interpret the ID, which would be the more difficult part. If anyone has other suggestions, I am open to hearing them!

Thank you,
Brian Palmer
NationBuilder Support Technician


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