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commented on #EverydayLeaders
I’d love to nominate Crystal Feliciano, a fellow resident here in Trenton, New Jersey. Not only is crystal an educator in the schools, she’s an educator and community advocate outside of the schools. Wether it’s signing people up and getting out the vote for previously incarcerated folks who now have the first time to vote in NJ, or protesting gun violence in our neighborhoods with Moms Demand Action, or even helping citizens fill out their census forms ensuring that everyone from every community is counted.

I’m sure there are great people out there that do all of this, but they’re not from a town like ours. Trenton is ranked 50 out of all 50 Capital Cities in the United States and has a death rate past NYC and our town is just 7.5 sq miles. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, our town had an unemployment rate double the size of the nations average. Crystal have away over 200 pair of sneakers to youth in need, and has been helping feed the homeless community here and was as look for permanent solutions to such issues in town.

And she did all of it while being a single mother. She’s the true definition of a super mom, and an engaged citizen.
posted 2020-12-10 11:26:40 -0800